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Committed to neighborhood hospitality and sustainability, west~bourne is about cooking for and giving back to their community. A nostalgic nod to the irreverent spirit of 1960s Los Angeles, west~bourne embraces the free thinking and open possibility of the west coast, and is rethinking what it means to be a good neighbor. Through their partnership with The Robin Hood Foundation, which invests in the most effective ways to fight poverty, a portion of their profits go to a non-profit called The Door to fund hospitality job training for youth in their community. west~bourne then hires employees from that very program to build their team, making their giveback model one that is entirely integrated, sustainable, and meaningful. west~bourne is also committed to taking care of our shared environment, which is why they have invested in a set of practices and a zero waste approach that benefits both our planet and their collective. They make every decision with sustainability in mind, a dedication which is reflected in their menu. "Accidentally Vegetarian, Decidedly Wholesome" as they say, west~bourne is grounded in the belief that integrating a vegetarian perspective can have a beneficial impact on personal well-being and the planet. Their menu is playfully curated for your all-day cravings, and food, beer and wine are sourced thoughtfully with an emphasis on organic and local produce. They offer catering services as well as private events at their Soho cafe.

Supports: Youth Development + Sustainability

Locations available: New York City



A full service, alternative event catering company, Harvest & Revel offers well-sourced and creatively cooked food with style as well as ethics.. As part of their commitment to sustainability and the ethical local food industry, Harvest & Revel uses all natural, organic, antibiotic- and hormone-free ingredients, sourced from their own local farm and partners in the Tri-State Area. They are also committed to reducing waste, and employ creative techniques to use leftover ingredients, partner with Rescuing Leftover Cuisine to donate all food leftovers, and compost any food scraps that cannot be donated. Harvest & Revel also spearheaded a "Harvest Justice" project to raise awareness and money for the Northeast Brooklyn Housing Development Corporation's Growing Youth Power program, which prepares teenagers to live healthful lives and to take action for food system change by training and employing them in what is often their first work experience. When you hire Harvest & Revel for an event, you can choose to donate a lump sum or a percentage of your bill to the "Harvest Justice" project. In addition to catering, Harvest & Revel offers beverage and bar packages, staffing, styling and design, floral design, rental coordination, and even venue lighting, DJ, and photographer coordination. 

Supports: Sustainability + Reducing Food Waste + Youth Development + Community Development

Locations available: Tri-State Area



Committed to taking the sustainable path in a largely environmentally-unfriendly industry, Purslane is proud to be New York's first trash-free and carbon neutral caterer. A full-service events and catering company, they implement a wide range of eco-friendly practices, and aim to send nothing to landfill, relying instead on recycling, composting, upcycling, and reuse programs to process their waste. Purslane's facilities are powered by 100% renewable energy, and they offset the carbon footprint of each meal they serve and every event they create by investing in carbon sequestration initiatives. Purslane's cuisine is ingredient-driven and follows a slow-food ethos. They use sustainable, organic, pesticide- and antibiotic-free ingredients and products from nearby farms, and source their beverages from local breweries and wineries. In addition to their sustainability initiatives, Purslane is committed to supporting their local community. They partner with Rescuing Leftover Cuisine to bring food leftovers to local shelters and care centers, and support a local homeless shelter and an education-based production farm that offers hands-on farm training and leadership opportunities for youth and adults. Purslane offers customized menus for a wide range of events, beverage packages, and drop-off catering services. They also operate two boutique venues: Fitzcarraldo and Franklin + Kent.

Supports: Sustainability + Reducing Food Waste + Fighting Hunger + Youth Development

Locations available: Tri-State area





Specializing in seasonal flowers and nature-inspired designs, Earth Within Flowers provides stunning fresh and dried floral arrangements for any occasion. Earth Within Flowers believes in supporting their environment and community by sourcing their blooms and foliage from local and regional farmers, and ethically harvesting from wild and natural areas. They have a strong commitment to both the environment and flower justice, incorporating several practices such as: composting, offering re-usable vase options, ethically harvesting foliage, and following the Fairness in Flowers Toolkit by the International Labor Rights Forum. Earth Within offers the community DIY flower workshops related to flower specific design, herbalism and the healing arts. They also recently launched Earth Within Girls, a woman-led after-school and weekend program that aims to inspire girls to connect their natural environment and internal cycles through plant wisdom and self care. 

Supports: Sustainability + Youth Development + Women’s Empowerment

Locations available: Northwest Montana + available for travel




Ex Novo donates 100% of net profits to its four nonprofit partners who operate in Portland and beyond. It is their mission to provide great experiences, and to leverage their success to impact the world in a positive way, supporting those making their communities stronger. The nonprofits they support are: Friends of the Children, a mentoring program that is transforming the lives of Portland’s most vulnerable children; International Justice Mission, which works to protect the poor from violence in communities throughout the developing world; Impact NW, a provider of educational and social services in the greater Portland metro area; and MercyCorps, a team of 5,000+ humanitarians who take on the world’s toughest challenges to help people build better, stronger lives.

Supports: Community Development + Education + Youth Development