Committed to creating progressive wines that help get women to the table as leaders and tastemakers. 20% of their net profits are donated to organizations and causes that help drive the mission. Their wines will make you think. And if they are doing their job right, they will make you take action.

Supports: Women’s Rights



Wines that fund oyster and bee habitat restoration in 20 states. Their Mendocino County Sauvignon Blanc restores 100 wild oysters per bottle, and their Willamette Valley Pinot Noir plants 90 sq ft of bee habitat per bottle. To date Proud Pour has restored over 10 million oysters and 53 acres of bee habitat, supporting 18 nonprofit environmental partners. Up next is a Cider for Sea Turtles!

Supports: Sustainability + Wildlife Conservation



Seeking out the highest quality Bolivian wine and spirits, Chufly Imports is on a mission to carve out a niche for Bolivian wine and singani on every inventive wine list and every serious cocktail menu in America. Each bottle of premium singani and Bolivian wine they introduce to the states builds on nearly 500 years of wine-making tradition. A values-based company, Chufly decided to specialize in Bolivian wine and singani because they hope to have an impact beyond launching a successful business. As the poorest country in South America, Bolivia is overly dependent on commodities— mining, oil and gas, grains. Wine and singani are among the few value-added goods Bolivia produces, so the socioeconomic impact is BIG. By expanding their business, Chufly's goal is to further diversify Bolivia's economy and lift families out of extreme poverty. Because so many local workers contribute to their final product— from the grape harvest to the distillation to the bottling— roughly every 25 acres of grapes planted lifts 10 families out of extreme poverty. In addition to their larger mission, Chufly regularly supports causes related to immigration, natural disaster relief, and Latin America's development. Their wines come from the Aranjuez winery, 1750 wines, and La Concepción wines.

Supports: Economic Development + Immigrant Rights + Refugees