Committed to taking the sustainable path in a largely environmentally-unfriendly industry, Purslane is proud to be New York's first trash-free and carbon neutral caterer. A full-service events and catering company, they implement a wide range of eco-friendly practices, and aim to send nothing to landfill, relying instead on recycling, composting, upcycling, and reuse programs to process their waste. Purslane's facilities are powered by 100% renewable energy, and they offset the carbon footprint of each meal they serve and every event they create by investing in carbon sequestration initiatives. Purslane's cuisine is ingredient-driven and follows a slow-food ethos. They use sustainable, organic, pesticide- and antibiotic-free ingredients and products from nearby farms, and source their beverages from local breweries and wineries. In addition to their sustainability initiatives, Purslane is committed to supporting their local community. They partner with Rescuing Leftover Cuisine to bring food leftovers to local shelters and care centers, and support a local homeless shelter and an education-based production farm that offers hands-on farm training and leadership opportunities for youth and adults. Purslane offers customized menus for a wide range of events, beverage packages, and drop-off catering services. They also operate two boutique venues: Fitzcarraldo and Franklin + Kent.

Supports: Sustainability + Reducing Food Waste + Fighting Hunger + Youth Development

Locations available: Tri-State area

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Committed to neighborhood hospitality and sustainability, west~bourne is about cooking for and giving back to their community. A nostalgic nod to the irreverent spirit of 1960s Los Angeles, west~bourne embraces the free thinking and open possibility of the west coast, and is rethinking what it means to be a good neighbor. Through their partnership with The Robin Hood Foundation, which invests in the most effective ways to fight poverty, a portion of their profits go to a non-profit called The Door to fund hospitality job training for youth in their community. west~bourne then hires employees from that very program to build their team, making their giveback model one that is entirely integrated, sustainable, and meaningful. west~bourne is also committed to taking care of our shared environment, which is why they have invested in a set of practices and a zero waste approach that benefits both our planet and their collective. They make every decision with sustainability in mind, a dedication which is reflected in their menu. "Accidentally Vegetarian, Decidedly Wholesome" as they say, west~bourne is grounded in the belief that integrating a vegetarian perspective can have a beneficial impact on personal well-being and the planet. Their menu is playfully curated for your all-day cravings, and food, beer and wine are sourced thoughtfully with an emphasis on organic and local produce. They offer catering services as well as private events at their Soho cafe.

Supports: Youth Development + Sustainability



A bold, full-service catering company that infuses Caribbean, American and international cuisines, Island Infusions Catering aims to bring a taste of the islands to you. From traditional island cuisine, to familiar dishes infused with island flavors, they make sure that each and every bite takes you on a culinary adventure. At the core of the company is their motto "So We Can All Eat," a phrase that was born out of a desire to maximize their philanthropic efforts and create a giving program fully integrated into their day-to-day operations. This means that the Island Infusions family uses ingredients and food from sustainable sources; gives back to several, local 501(c)3 organizations focused on education, medical research and fighting hunger; and prioritizes a commitment to the environment. Their sustainability practices include using biodegradable serveware and products, eliminating the use of water bottles, recycling at every event, and partnering with local farmers, ranchers, and herdsmen to reduce their carbon footprint. They offer discounted pricing for non-profit events, as well as private chef services and cooking classes!

Supports: Sustainability

Locations available: Tri-State Area



A full service, alternative event catering company, Harvest & Revel offers well-sourced and creatively cooked food with style as well as ethics.. As part of their commitment to sustainability and the ethical local food industry, Harvest & Revel uses all natural, organic, antibiotic- and hormone-free ingredients, sourced from their own local farm and partners in the Tri-State Area. They are also committed to reducing waste, and employ creative techniques to use leftover ingredients, partner with Rescuing Leftover Cuisine to donate all food leftovers, and compost any food scraps that cannot be donated. Harvest & Revel also spearheaded a "Harvest Justice" project to raise awareness and money for the Northeast Brooklyn Housing Development Corporation's Growing Youth Power program, which prepares teenagers to live healthful lives and to take action for food system change by training and employing them in what is often their first work experience. When you hire Harvest & Revel for an event, you can choose to donate a lump sum or a percentage of your bill to the "Harvest Justice" project. In addition to catering, Harvest & Revel offers beverage and bar packages, staffing, styling and design, floral design, rental coordination, and even venue lighting, DJ, and photographer coordination. 

Supports: Sustainability + Reducing Food Waste + Youth Development + Community Development

Locations available: Tri-State Area




Wines that fund oyster and bee habitat restoration in 20 states. Their Mendocino County Sauvignon Blanc restores 100 wild oysters per bottle, and their Willamette Valley Pinot Noir plants 90 sq ft of bee habitat per bottle. To date Proud Pour has restored over 10 million oysters and 53 acres of bee habitat, supporting 18 nonprofit environmental partners. Up next is a Cider for Sea Turtles!

Supports: Sustainability + Wildlife Conservation



The first craft distillery in Colorado and the third in the world to become a Certified B Corporation®. The craft rum distillery, located in Crested Butte, uses old-world artisan traditions combining science with art. It's sustainability practices help to distinguish Montanya from other rum producers around the world, as it implements about 30 daily practices— from a 100% wind-powered distillery to composting— to positively impact the environment, people, and its community.

Supports: Sustainability




Hanging Hills recognizes their place as stewards of the environment. They specifically chose a steam powered brewhouse to minimize their carbon footprint, and many of their ingredients are sourced as local as possible. Hanging Hills has partnered with numerous non-profits, including the ACLU, and are a part of 1% For The Planet.

Supports: Sustainability




Bambu’s founders centered their company around one fundamental question: “How can we create interest and excitement in sustainable materials while adhering to ethical business practices?” Built around a larger mission of sustainability, bambu® sources local materials and works with local artisans. They created the segment of products called “natural disposables” when they first introduced their bamboo plate in 2003. Their eco-elegant Veneerware® range has since expanded to include 10 plate styles, cutlery, linen-like pure bamboo napkins, and serving pieces that elevate the notion of disposable and provide a clean, sophisticated look. Veneerware® is the only dinnerware made from certified organic bamboo and is compost approved. bambu® is a certified B Corporation and part of 1% For The Planet.

Supports: Sustainability



An eco-friendly alternative to the nearly 500 million single-use plastic straws used every day in the U.S. alone, HAY! Straws is on a critical mission to reduce plastic pollution in our oceans. Dedicated to providing simple solutions to critical problems, they created... straws made out of straw!; making it accessible, affordable, and easier for people to take part in the environmentally-conscious fight. Made from the stem of the wheat plant, HAY! Straws are 100% biodegradable, gluten-free, and come in plastic-free packaging. They are available in 100 and 500 packs, and wholesale!

Supports: Sustainability



A stylish plant-based drinking straw company out of Australia, Little Green Panda was created with the mission to solve the guilty sipping problem. Those pesky plastic straws are harming marine life and sitting in our landfills for centuries. Little Green Panda offer reusable and single-use bamboo straws - which can be customized - and single-use wheat straws. They are all available wholesale. All of their products are 100% natural, compostable and biodegradeable. Their bamboo is grown organically in Vietnam, with the well-being of local farmers and continued sustainability of their crops in mind. Their wheat is harvested throughout South East Asia, and requires no additional cropland, as it is a byproduct of wheat production. Little Green Panda’s values and mission are the main driving force behind their everyday actions, from the supply chain upwards.  

Supports: Sustainability



Longtime, passionate advocates of sustainability, GoodLight makes paraffin-free, lead-free, phthalate-free, plant-based candles at an affordable price tag. They have a wide variety of scented and unscented votives, tea lights, tapers, birthday candles, pillars, and more, and offer bulk discounts for venues and events. GoodLight makes their candles out of palm wax while simultaneously supporting the sustainable palm movement, as the palm oil industry has resulted in serious environmental degradation worldwide. Believers that market-driven change is one of the only ways to positively impact the palm industry, GoodLight is a member of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), which advances sustainable palm farming practices and promotes social responsibility. Through RSPO's PalmTrace Book-and-Claim system, GoodLight buys credits that pay RSPO-certified growers a premium for their sustainably farmed harvests. In addition, GoodLight is a contributing member of 1% For The Planet; supporters of the Orangutan Land Trust, which protects Southeast Asian forests and wildlife endangered by irresponsible palm plantation expansion; and contribute to Carbonfund.org's reforestation and avoided deforestation projects, planting trees to offset their office emissions and all transportation required to deliver GoodLight from its source to their customers.  

Supports: Sustainability + Wildlife Conservation 

Locations available: Ships nationwide 




Passionate about design and sustainability, Paper Culture believes you should never have to choose between the two. That’s why they create unique, beautifully-designed products using sustainable materials, and plant a tree with every order. All of their products are made with post-consumer waste and wood alternatives; they offset their carbon footprint through carbon credits that put resources back into the planet; and they plant trees where reforestation is most needed. Paper Culture has planted 650,000 trees and counting, with each tree working to transform lives by providing food, fuel, livestock feed, a source of employment, and a cleaner more sustainable environment. They partner with organizations like the Arbor Day Foundation and Friends of the Urban Forest, and they have been recognized by the EPA as a Top 10 Climate Leader and are a certified Green Business.

Supports: Sustainability



The world-leading producer of eco-friendly seed paper products that grow into wildflowers, herbs or vegetables. Botanical Paper Work’s mission is to help spread beauty and reduce waste by sharing biodegradable seed paper made from post-consumer material.

Supports: Sustainability



Save time, save trees, save money. Greenvelope offers email invitations and RSVP tracking.

Supports: Sustainability



Since 1995, Of The Earth has produced high-quality, environmentally-focused, handmade paper and hand-dyed silk ribbon. With a focus on true environmental responsibility and artisanship, Of The Earth tears cards by hand, prints and assembles invitations, and gets earth under their nails as they plant and press their own flowers. They offer many DIY options and packages for those on a budget, or for those who want to incorporate a personal touch. Their highly customize-able seed paper invitations—with options of flower seeds and petals, as well as levels of assembly—never contain tree fibers and are made with a waste product of the cotton seed oil industry. Of The Earth hand-makes reply cards, reception cards, programs, place cards, envelopes and liners, and more—all of which can be planted and sprout after use.  

Supports: Sustainability



A Green Breakdown service, Garbage Goddess works towards zero-waste floral events, making it that much easier to #partyresponsibly. Founded by Liza Lubell of Peartree floral design studio after she got fed up with the excessive waste she saw in her industry, Garbage Goddess composts all organic floral material and carefully recycles/repurposes to create a minimal amount of trash that winds up in landfill. Garbage Goddess also works to promote local artists by donating a portion of the leftover flowers to dye artists and other artists that use florals in their medium. They also hire with an aim to empower, uplift, and create community. The event industry may be super wasteful. But it doesn’t have to be. 

Supports: Sustainability

Locations available: New York City, and surrounding areas



Rather than watch celebration floral arrangements wind up in the trash, Repeat Roses helps their clients petal-it-forward into the community to benefit those who need it most, and divert waste from landfills with their signature collection-through-composting service. Repeat Roses collects and breaks down floral arrangements from events, lovingly redesigns them into petite bedside bouquets, and delivers them to patients in hospices, cancer treatment centers, mental health facilities, domestic abuse and homeless shelters. They then return to donor sites to collect the twice-enjoyed blooms for composting. Repeat Roses disrupts the single-use-flower-to-landfill pipeline to stop flowers from adding to greenhouse gases, and give event flowers second and third lives. They are passionate waste warriors who are maniacal about the user experience, dedicated to inspiring change in multiple industries, and fully committed to making a meaningful, measurable global social impact.

Supports: Sustainability

Locations available: Nationwide



A non-profit organization dedicated to delivering random acts of love. Flower Angels USA's volunteers recycle gently used flowers from weddings, memorial services, and events and re-purpose them into floral bouquets for the elderly and disabled residing in nursing homes and assisted living communities from Bourne to Provincetown. More than half of nursing home residents rarely have a visitor. Their mission brings joy, connection and warmth into the lives of those who need it most. Additionally, adults with disabilities assist with flower collection, deconstruction and delivery. Even if some flowers and greens leftover from events are not delivery-worthy, Flower Angels composts them for landscapers, gardeners, and other partners in the community. They also re-purpose ribbons, bows, rubber bands, and vases. 

Supports: People with Disabilities + Sustainability 

Locations available: Cape Cod area