Our food system needs fixing. Around 40% of all food in the U.S. is wasted daily. Yes, daily! Scraps is doing something about this. They create the most delicious frozen pizza out there, and they help reduce food waste by incorporating imperfect and underused veggies in their sauces. For example, did you know broccoli actually has edible leaves and a pepper can grow multi-colored? They use these delicious and nutritious vegetables that are often left in the field, for no good reason, to make Scraps. So you can enjoy a slice, and feel confident that you did good for yourself and for the planet.  

Supports: Reducing Food Waste



Food sustainability champions Rubies in the Rubble make gourmet condiments using produce that would otherwise go to waste. Over one-third of all produce never reaches our plates. After learning of the problem, Rubies founder Jenny got thinking about what could be done with all of this surplus produce that often isn’t sold just because it’s not the right size or an unattractive shape. From Jenny’s kitchen making family recipes, to selling in the UK’s leading retailers, Rubies now has a range of award-winning relishes, ketchups and mayos. They call them Condiments with a Conscience. Their website also offers loads of recipes and resources for cutting back on food waste in your daily life!

Supports: Reducing Food Waste



An award-winning, mission-based, social good company that makes healthy, delicious, rainforest-friendly fruit snacks, Peaceful Fruits believes everyone deserves a chance at something better. They proudly employ people with disabilities in full-wage jobs to produce each and every one of their snacks. Founded by a returned Peace Corps Volunteer who helped rainforest communities develop economically, Peaceful Fruits is based in Northeast Ohio but its roots are in the Amazon. They buy sustainable, ethically-sourced fruit from the rainforest to make snacks that are 100% fruit, 100% additive free, and are creating a real difference in Akron and the Amazon. Peaceful Fruits is a Certified B Corporation, and a proud partner and member of numerous other non-profits.

Supports: People with Disabilities + Sustainability



By partnering with craft breweries, ReGrained upcycles the nutritious grain byproduct created every time that beer is brewed and turns it into delicious snacks. Fully committed to sustainability, ReGrained partnered with the USDA to develop an energy-efficient way of turning wet byproducts into nutritious ingredients, so that low-sugar, high-protein brewer’s grain could be the main functional ingredient in their SuperGrain+ bars. ReGraine'd’s model of “edible upcycling” fights food waste by finding a higher use for food that would have otherwise been discarded. Beyond their supergrain bar, ReGrained plans to create even more snacks and build a platform for upcycled ingredients. They are a certified B Corp and member of 1% For The Planet.

Supports: Reducing Food Waste + Sustainability



A specialty candy brand, Project 7’s name comes from their social mission; which is to use part of their profits to help support 7 areas of basic humanitarian need both domestically and abroad. By donating a portion of their profits, Project 7 helps: 1. Save the Earth (partnering with Plant with Purpose and Trees, Water & People) 2. House the Homeless (partnering with Samaritan’s Purse) 3. Feed the Hungry (partnering with Children’s Hinger Fund and Feeding America) 4. Quench the Thirsty (partnering with Splash and Lifewater) 5. Heal the Sick (partnering with Partners in Health) 6. Teach Them Well (partnering with Camfed, Love Does, and Pencils of Promise) and 7. Hope for Peace (partnering with Rachel’s Challenge). Project 7’s candies include award-winning chewing gum in innovative and fun flavors, organic gummy bears, and organic “Chewies.” They have a mandate to give a minimum of 10% of their profits to their non-profit partners annually, but historically have been at 30-50% of their profits.

Supports: Non-profit Donations