Second Change Careers + Employment





Homegirl Catering is a unique women-run venture whose mission is to help formerly gang-involved and previously incarcerated men and women become contributing members of their community. For over ten years, Homegirl Catering has delivered fresh food and distinctive food and event experiences for clients throughout southern California.

Supports: Second Chance Careers + Employment

Locations available: Southern California





In 1992, after the Los Angeles riots, Homeboy Bakery opened in Boyle Heights. The first of Homeboy's social enterprises, the Bakery started as a training ground for aspiring bakers. Supplying fresh breads, pastries, and specialty goods throughout Los Angeles, and available for shipping nationwide, the Bakery is a place where former enemies bake bread side by side, learning the art and science of preparing breads, pastries, cakes and much more.

Supports: Second Chance Careers + Employment

Locations available: Los Angeles + Shipping Nationwide



Rubicon Bakers are turning their lives around with every cake, cupcake, cookie and muffin they bake. For over 25 years Rubicon has helped rebuild lives by employing, training, and supporting people who need a second chance. Many employees come to them from life on the streets, from prison or recently recovered from substance abuse. More than just a bakery, Rubicon Bakers is spreading compassion to build a strong and empowered community.

Supports: Second Chance Careers + Employment

Locations available: Retailers Nationwide



An innovative, low barrier entry, gender-focused workforce training program that revolves around a small baking business in which team members develop the skills and confidence to gain and sustain employment. TWB serves low income women involved with the criminal justice system, facing long-term unemployment, experiencing homelessness and/or assimilating as an immigrant. Barriers such as lack of employable skills, low self esteem and employment gaps are addressed through hard and soft skill development, hands-on experience, and psychosocial support.

Supports: Womens’ Rights + Immigrant Rights + Second Chance Careers + Employment

Locations available: Shipping Nationwide





On a mission to empower men to improve their lives, Sharp Dressed Man is a non-profit that equips men in the Baltimore and LA areas with recycled suits for them to wear to job interviews. Often a nice suit and appropriate business attire is the last hurdle for men getting back on their feet. Sharp Dressed Man aligns a man's outer look with his inner character, helping to remove biases and bridging a critical gap between job development programs that provide training, and the remaining skills and look needed to be considered for and obtain employment. Sharp Dressed Man partners with workforce development programs and other non-profits, to provide men who are ready for work with a measure-to-fit, one-on-one styling experience, resulting in a hand-selected suit and accessories to wear to interviews and other occasions. All-together their professional presentation program gives men the confidence and power to present their best selves to future employers and continue on the journey to success.

Supports: Second Chance Careers + Employment

Locations available: Accepts donated suits (in good condition!) in-person and by mail at their Baltimore and Los Angeles locations





On a mission to donate as many flowers as possible with loving kindness, Petals With A Purpose helps you pay it forward to someone in need by repurposing leftover event flowers into thoughtfully designed personal bouquets to deliver to hospices, elderly care homes, hospitals, and other local organizations. They then recollect the repurposed flowers for composting, to complete the cycle and ensure the most eco-responsible waste disposal. Petals With A Purpose can also provide cards at your event tables to let guests know that the flowers will be donated after the event's conclusion, and facilitate a donation letter from the non-profit group to you for tax purposes. Beyond their repurposing work, Petals With A Purpose also partners with local women's groups to host floral design classes and skills-training for women in need of job opportunities and looking to change their lives. 

Supports: Women’s Rights + Second Chance Careers + Employment + Sustainability

Locations available: Hawaii (all islands)