A major goal of Plan with Purpose is to build an ethical and sustainability-minded community around event planning. The events industry is ripe for change, and so many organizations and people are already doing excellent work to make this change a reality. Below, please find additional resources to help kick your purpose-driven event planning into even higher gear.



Founded by three passionate change-makers of the events industry— Ellen of Greater Good Events, Natasha of Clearwater Events, and Praise of Ethical Weddings— The Good Green is a resource to help those in the small business and event/wedding vendor space make their work as socially and environmentally impactful as possible. A space for collaboration and education, The Good Green hosts a Webinar series focusing on sustainable and ethical event planning, as well as in-person retreats for a more in-depth and hands-on approach. Their site is also chock-full of resources— websites, apps, and more— that help you do more not just as an event planner, but in your daily life.