A Green Breakdown service, Garbage Goddess works towards zero-waste floral events, making it that much easier to #partyresponsibly. Founded by Liza Lubell of Peartree floral design studio after she got fed up with the excessive waste she saw in her industry, Garbage Goddess composts all organic floral material and carefully recycles/repurposes to create a minimal amount of trash that winds up in landfill. Garbage Goddess also works to promote local artists by donating a portion of the leftover flowers to dye artists and other artists that use florals in their medium. They also hire with an aim to empower, uplift, and create community. The event industry may be super wasteful. But it doesn’t have to be. 

Supports: Sustainability

Locations available: New York City, and surrounding areas



Rather than watch celebration floral arrangements wind up in the trash, Repeat Roses helps their clients petal-it-forward into the community to benefit those who need it most, and divert waste from landfills with their signature collection-through-composting service. Repeat Roses collects and breaks down floral arrangements from events, lovingly redesigns them into petite bedside bouquets, and delivers them to patients in hospices, cancer treatment centers, mental health facilities, domestic abuse and homeless shelters. They then return to donor sites to collect the twice-enjoyed blooms for composting. Repeat Roses disrupts the single-use-flower-to-landfill pipeline to stop flowers from adding to greenhouse gases, and give event flowers second and third lives. They are passionate waste warriors who are maniacal about the user experience, dedicated to inspiring change in multiple industries, and fully committed to making a meaningful, measurable global social impact.

Supports: Sustainability

Locations available: Nationwide



Anita Vuong created Guided by Flowers after she started volunteering at hospices, and realized how much loneliness she came across. She decided to start repurposing event flowers that would otherwise be thrown away to make small bedside arrangements for hospice patients in need of a little love and light. Guided by Flowers also aims to create a platform that is inviting for individuals seeking to learn about End-of-Life Care, in the hopes of quieting a little bit of the fear that surrounds death and to nurture the emotional importance of human connection.

Supports: End-of-Life Care

Locations available: Greater Los Angeles Area

Photo Credit: Jose Villa

Photo Credit: Jose Villa

Petals with a Purpose 

On a mission to donate as many flowers as possible with loving kindness, Petals With A Purpose helps you pay it forward to someone in need by repurposing leftover event flowers into thoughtfully designed personal bouquets to deliver to hospices, elderly care homes, hospitals, and other local organizations. They then recollect the repurposed flowers for composting, to complete the cycle and ensure the most eco-responsible waste disposal. Petals With A Purpose can also provide cards at your event tables to let guests know that the flowers will be donated after the event's conclusion, and facilitate a donation letter from the non-profit group to you for tax purposes. Beyond their repurposing work, Petals With A Purpose also partners with local women's groups to host floral design classes and skills-training for women in need of job opportunities and looking to change their lives. 

Supports: Women’s Rights + Second Chance Careers + Employment + Sustainability

Locations available: Hawaii (all islands)



A non-profit organization dedicated to delivering random acts of love. Flower Angels USA's volunteers recycle gently used flowers from weddings and events and re-purpose them into floral bouquets for the elderly and disabled residing in nursing homes and assisted living communities from Bourne to Provincetown. More than half of nursing home residents rarely have a visitor. Their mission brings joy, connection and warmth into the lives of those who need it most. Additionally, adults with disabilities assist with flower collection, deconstruction and delivery. Even if some flowers and greens leftover from events are not delivery-worthy, Flower Angels composts them for landscapers, gardeners, and other partners in the community. They also re-purpose ribbons, bows, rubber bands, and vases. 

Supports: People with Disabilities + Sustainability 

Locations available: Cape Cod area



On a mission to build bridges within their community, Project Flowers plants the seeds of kindness one bouquet at a time. Through their volunteers and donated funds and supplies, Project Flowers repurposes event floral arrangements into smaller bouquets and hand delivers them to local women's shelters, veterans, hospitals, retirement homes, and people in their community who could use some kindness in their lives. After the flowers have reached the end of their freshness, Project Flowers picks them back up from donation sites and composts them. They then re-use the jars and supplies for the next batch of deliveries, keeping their process economically, socially and environmentally sustainable. 

Supports: Veterans + Military Communities + End-of-Life Care + Sustainability

Locations available: Flathead Valley, Montana



ReVased gives a second life to event flowers by coordinating their delivery to local charities. We take care of everything for our customers: picking-up the flowers after the event; "ReVasing”; hand delivering the flowers to nursing homes, hospitals, women's shelters, etc; and facilitating charitable donation receipts. We share one unifying philosophy: to share a moment of happiness with those who need it. We designed our brand, services, and core mission around the shared goal of making someone's day by promoting kindness and celebrating environmental sustainability.

Supports: Sustainability + Community Development

Locations availble: Baltimore and surrounding areas

Instagram: @revasedflowers



Founded in the belief that the beauty, joy and revitalizing power of nature's gifts should be shared by all, Plants and Blooms ReImagined is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to increase underresourced and marginalized groups' access, personal enjoyment and enhanced well-being through indoor nature-based connections with cut-flowers and indoor plants. Plants and Blooms ReImagined's primary source for flowers and plants is through the recovery of post-event florals and securing donated indoor plants, providing a vehicle for businesses and individuals committed to socially conscious, sustainable, environmentally friendly end-of-use practices. The all important re-imagining process of Plants and Blooms ReImagined is carried out by its team of dedicated volunteers, ensuring the fullest expression and maximum giving of recovered flowers (and donated plants). To this end, donations are made throughout the DC area to organizations and facilities serving those in need and educational and therapeutic programming is provided, designed to grow awareness and application of cut-flowers and indoor plants as important contributors to overall well-being.

Supports: Sustainability + Community Development | Locations available: Washington D.C. area