An award-winning, mission-based, social good company that makes healthy, delicious, rainforest-friendly fruit snacks, Peaceful Fruits believes everyone deserves a chance at something better. They proudly employ people with disabilities in full-wage jobs to produce each and every one of their snacks. Founded by a returned Peace Corps Volunteer who helped rainforest communities develop economically, Peaceful Fruits is based in Northeast Ohio but its roots are in the Amazon. They buy sustainable, ethically-sourced fruit from the rainforest to make snacks that are 100% fruit, 100% additive free, and are creating a real difference in Akron and the Amazon. Peaceful Fruits is a Certified B Corporation, and a proud partner and member of numerous other non-profits.

Supports: People with Disabilities + Sustainability





A non-profit organization dedicated to delivering random acts of love. Flower Angels USA's volunteers recycle gently used flowers from weddings, memorial services, and events and re-purpose them into floral bouquets for the elderly and disabled residing in nursing homes and assisted living communities from Bourne to Provincetown. More than half of nursing home residents rarely have a visitor. Their mission brings joy, connection and warmth into the lives of those who need it most. Additionally, adults with disabilities assist with flower collection, deconstruction and delivery. Even if some flowers and greens leftover from events are not delivery-worthy, Flower Angels composts them for landscapers, gardeners, and other partners in the community. They also re-purpose ribbons, bows, rubber bands, and vases. 

Supports: People with Disabilities + Sustainability 

Locations available: Cape Cod area