A bold, full-service catering company that infuses Caribbean, American and international cuisines, Island Infusions Catering aims to bring a taste of the islands to you. From traditional island cuisine, to familiar dishes infused with island flavors, they make sure that each and every bite takes you on a culinary adventure. At the core of the company is their motto "So We Can All Eat," a phrase that was born out of a desire to maximize their philanthropic efforts and create a giving program fully integrated into their day-to-day operations. This means that the Island Infusions family uses ingredients and food from sustainable sources; gives back to several, local 501(c)3 organizations focused on education, medical research and fighting hunger; and prioritizes a commitment to the environment. Their sustainability practices include using biodegradable serveware and products, eliminating the use of water bottles, recycling at every event, and partnering with local farmers, ranchers, and herdsmen to reduce their carbon footprint. They offer discounted pricing for non-profit events, as well as private chef services and cooking classes!

Supports: Nonprofit Donations + Sustainability

Locations available: Tri-State Area



The creation of award-winning Chef Chad Gauss of The Food Market and La Food Marketa, along with his team of chefs and creative minds, Hoopla! Catering is all about top-notch service, flavorful fun, and support for the Baltimore community. Hoopla! looks to lift up and give back to their neighbors at every opportunity. They opt to take the budget most companies would reserve for marketing, and put it towards philanthropic support; donating their time, delicious food, and services to nonprofit events, block parties, and festivals in order to help local organizations and neighborhoods raise more money for their causes. 

Supports: Community Development + Nonprofit Donations

Locations available: Baltimore Metropolitan Area + Surrounding Area




A specialty candy brand, Project 7’s name comes from their social mission; which is to use part of their profits to help support 7 areas of basic humanitarian need both domestically and abroad. By donating a portion of their profits, Project 7 helps: 1. Save the Earth (partnering with Plant with Purpose and Trees, Water & People) 2. House the Homeless (partnering with Samaritan’s Purse) 3. Feed the Hungry (partnering with Children’s Hinger Fund and Feeding America) 4. Quench the Thirsty (partnering with Splash and Lifewater) 5. Heal the Sick (partnering with Partners in Health) 6. Teach Them Well (partnering with Camfed, Love Does, and Pencils of Promise) and 7. Hope for Peace (partnering with Rachel’s Challenge). Project 7’s candies include award-winning chewing gum in innovative and fun flavors, organic gummy bears, and organic “Chewies.” They have a mandate to give a minimum of 10% of their profits to their non-profit partners annually, but historically have been at 30-50% of their profits.

Supports: Non-profit Donations




Ex Novo donates 100% of net profits to its four nonprofit partners who operate in Portland and beyond. It is their mission to provide great experiences, and to leverage their success to impact the world in a positive way, supporting those making their communities stronger. The nonprofits they support are: Friends of the Children, a mentoring program that is transforming the lives of Portland’s most vulnerable children; International Justice Mission, which works to protect the poor from violence in communities throughout the developing world; Impact NW, a provider of educational and social services in the greater Portland metro area; and MercyCorps, a team of 5,000+ humanitarians who take on the world’s toughest challenges to help people build better, stronger lives.

Supports: Nonprofit Donations




A socially conscious company, Kay Mae Designs' mission is to design a better world one project at a time. They offer fully customized event production and planning services with an emphasis on sustainability and creating a positive impact. At Kay Mae Design they pledge to donate a portion of all profits to support local organizations making a difference in our towns, for our citizens, and for the world. When you design with Kay Mae, you can choose your favorite 501-c3 to receive the proceeds. In addition to this pledge, Kay Mae promises to use local vendors as much as humanly possible, and to implement waste-reduction practices like using green vendors, sustainable products, composting, and recycling.  

Supports: Sustainability + Non-profit Donations

Locations available: Based in Vermont, but able to travel