Inspired by the traditional sundowner experience after a day out in the African bush, Elephant Gin’s products are distilled using carefully selected botanicals, including rare African ingredients, to create distinctive flavor profiles. Handmade in Germany, each bottle is custom-made with hand-written labels that show the names of famous African elephants. Elephant Gin also gives back to what inspired the gin in the first place: 15% of proceeds are donated to two African elephant foundations to support the preservation of the African wildlife.

Supports: Wildlife Conservation


Montanya Distillers

The first craft distillery in Colorado and the third in the world to become a Certified B Corporation®. The craft rum distillery, located in Crested Butte, uses old-world artisan traditions combining science with art. It's sustainability practices help to distinguish Montanya from other rum producers around the world, as it implements about 30 daily practices— from a 100% wind-powered distillery to composting— to positively impact the environment, people, and its community.

Supports: Sustainability



With San Diego-based distillery Misadventure & Co., you can finally have your cake and drink it too! They are the first company in the world to make spirits from surplus baked goods retrieved from food banks. Between 33-50% of all food produced globally is never eaten. Not only are all of the resources that went into creating the uneaten food, wasted (land, water, labor, energy, manufacturing, packaging, etc), but when food waste goes to landfill it decomposes without access to oxygen and creates methane, which is 23x more potent than carbon dioxide. At their current rate Misadventure Vodka diverts 78,000 lbs of bread from landfills which keeps 140,000 lbs of CO2 from the atmosphere. The resulting vodka is 12X distilled, 180X filtered, gluten free and has received 8 medals in 2018 for its quality. It can be shipped to 30 states.

Supports: Reducing Food Waste



The creation of an entrepreneur and philanthropist on a mission to save the critically endangered Snow Leopard from extinction and help improve the livelihoods of the herder families that share their home range. This luxury vodka, made from rare spelt grain and distilled to perfection, mirrors the rare beauty of this majestic creature. 15 % of profits and all the money raised by their fundraising activities goes towards snow leopard conservation projects through the Snow Leopard Trust.

Supports: Wildlife Conservation



Seeking out the highest quality Bolivian wine and spirits, Chufly Imports is on a mission to carve out a niche for Bolivian wine and singani— a liquor classified as a brandy— on every inventive wine list and every serious cocktail menu in America. Each bottle of premium singani and Bolivian wine they introduce to the U.S. builds on nearly 500 years of wine-making tradition. A values-based company, Chufly decided to specialize in Bolivian wine and singani because they hope to have an impact beyond launching a successful business. As the poorest country in South America, Bolivia is overly dependent on commodities— mining, oil and gas, grains. Wine and singani are among the few value-added goods Bolivia produces, so the socioeconomic impact is big. By expanding their business, Chufly's goal is to further diversify Bolivia's economy and lift families out of extreme poverty. Because so many local workers contribute to their final product— from the grape harvest to the distillation to the bottling— roughly every 25 acres of grapes planted lifts 10 families out of extreme poverty. In addition to their larger mission, Chufly regularly supports causes related to immigration, natural disaster relief, and Latin America's development. Their Rujero singani is made in their own small-batch copper stills by hand.

Supports: Economic Development + Immigrant Rights + Refugees