Treat yourselves to authentic meals by refugees who now call NYC home. Traditional recipes, extraordinary new flavors, a thousand and one stories of home.  Take your catering off the eaten path! From the Guinea’s glittering shores to Nepal’s towering mountains— their all-star chefs hail from every corner of the globe, and everything they create is inspired by cherished histories and thousands of miles travelled as immigrants and refugees. Eat Offbeat offers drop off delivery of buffet meals and can also provide fully-serviced custom events with seated meals, bar service, and event coordination. 

Supports: Immigrants + Refugees

Locations available: Tri-State Area

Photo: Giada Randaccio Skouras Sweeny

Photo: Giada Randaccio Skouras Sweeny


A non-profit social enterprise and full-service restaurant that provides culinary training to refugees and survivors of human trafficking. Their unique apprenticeship program provides hands-on cooking experience to refugees, while serving delicious food and building community. Emma’s Torch provides catering for private events, as well as full-restaurant buyouts.

Supports: Immigrants + Refugees

Locations available: Tri-State Area



A catering company with a mission unlike any other. Ratatouille & Co. endeavors to empower women from all backgrounds: women returning to work with a passion for cooking, refugees and immigrants who share their local recipes, newly minted chefs who just love culinary arts. Each event supports the independence of their global staff of women as they hone skills necessary for a successful career in the hospitality industry. 

Supports: Women’s Empowerment + Immigrants + Refugees

Locations available: Tri-State Area



Foodhini was founded on the idea that food can be used to create new opportunities for our immigrant and refugee communities, and also satisfy the appetites of hungry foodies in search of authentic multicultural meals. Many immigrant and refugee communities face financial, educational, and cultural barriers that can limit their access to sustainable living wage jobs. By providing a platform for communities of diaspora to use their existing culinary skills to prepare and sell their home-cooked cultural cuisines, Foodhini empowers these communities to bypass those barriers and create new opportunities. Through their shared revenue model, a significant portion of the money you spend on a Foodhini meal goes directly to the incredible chef that prepared it. Foodhini covers all the upfront costs, enabling home chefs to just focus on what they do best, cook incredible meals for you. Home chefs prepare their meals out of Foodhini's Certified Commercial Kitchen space so you can be assured of a quality meal.

Supports: Immigrants + Refugees

Locations available: D.C. Metropolitan Area



A woman-owned corporate catering concierge service, FoodtoEat focuses on working with immigrant, women and minority-run food businesses throughout New York City. On a mission to unite people around the communal table and add diversity to the food community, FoodtoEat champions small businesses from every neighborhood. Many of the freshest, most flavorful and varied cuisines across the city are created by small restaurants, often started by immigrants, who don’t have the infrastructure or capital to offer catering to the average business. So, FoodtoEat built an easy-to-use platform for these businesses to expand their reach beyond their standard delivery zone. That means that they’re able to provide your team an assortment of delicious culinary adventures that will surprise and delight while inspiring conversation. A member of the Female Founder Collective, FoodtoEat also enables and empowers female owned and led businesses to positively impact their communities both socially and economically. 

Supports: Immigrants + Refugees + Women’s Empowerment

Locations available: New York City




An innovative, low barrier entry, gender-focused workforce training program that revolves around a small baking business in which team members develop the skills and confidence to gain and sustain employment. TWB serves low income women involved with the criminal justice system, facing long-term unemployment, experiencing homelessness and/or assimilating as an immigrant. Barriers such as lack of employable skills, low self esteem and employment gaps are addressed through hard and soft skill development, hands-on experience, and psychosocial support.

Supports: Womens’ Empowerment + Immigrants + Refugees + Second Chance Careers + Employment

Locations available: Shipping Nationwide