Welcome to a smarter, LESS WASTEFUL, AND more intentional way to event plan.

Whether planning a corporate event, wedding, fundraiser, or even just a birthday party, it takes a lot of time, love, and money. It’s time to make all of that effort go the extra mile. Enter Plan with Purpose: a place to find the resources, vendors and ideas you need to plan a successful event that gives back in the process, and that has social justice, sustainability, and civic-mindedness at its core. From catering companies that hire and train refugee chefs, to organizations that recycle and donate used flowers to hospitals and shelters, to breweries that combat food waste; there are so many fantastic nonprofits and social enterprises that could help your event do more. Plan with Purpose showcases their work, helping to build a movement towards, and community around, purposeful event planning.

Because we practice what we preach, Plan with Purpose is 100% not-for-profit (no commissions!).



Events come in all shapes and sizes— what they share is that they provide opportunities to bring people together, build community, spread awareness, spark conversation, and revel in life’s moments (big and small). Yet too often, the event planning process makes us stray from these core goals. Events get bogged down in the stuff, the trappings, the logistics, and the waste. It’s time to cut (through) the crap, and eliminate the elements of event planning that feel hypocritical, wasteful, and absurd.

Plan with Purpose brings us back to the best of what an event should be. We’re here to help you find vendors and ideas that make an impact, align with your values, and allow your dollar to stretch further.


An inherent paradox: you spend money, to raise money, and you often generate a ton of waste in the process. It can often be difficult to plan a fundraiser without undermining the cause you aim to support. Plan with Purpose helps you eliminate the contradiction, and find vendors and supplies that align with your mission.

Celebrations & Weddings

The average cost of a wedding in the U.S. is over $35,000. In some cities, it’s over double that. Plan with Purpose helps you feel better about where all that money is going. Add a purposeful element into all of life’s celebrations by supporting causes that are meaningful to you and raising awareness among your guests.

Corporate Events

The vendors and companies you do business with, should reflect the values of your employees and own organization. Bring intentionality, meaning, and added spirit to a company event by opting for vendors who are making a difference. From catering companies to alcohol brands, the positive-impact possibilities are endless. Plan with Purpose points you in all the right directions.



Nicki Fleischner, Founder

Plan with Purpose is my true passion-project.

After helping plan my own wedding and several non-profit fundraisers, I had an a-ha moment. There’s a lot that needs to change in the events industry.

When you get that final party rentals invoice… and you realize it amounts to several months rent… and you see it includes items like specialty hors d’oeuvre spoons that you know will be used for approximately 5 minutes… well, it gives you pause. What am I really spending all of this money on? And why? As educated consumers, so many of us already shop smart— even for relatively inexpensive, daily items— so why don’t we plan smart when it comes to events that are objectively much more costly and special?

And so, after some extensive Googling, I envisioned a platform that would make it that much easier to be a purposeful event planner. When planning an event, we are inundated with options. Hundreds upon hundreds of caterers, and venues, and invitation styles, and beverage packages…. it’s overwhelming. On Plan with Purpose, you can be assured that whichever vendor you choose, you’re supporting organizations and businesses that are reshaping the events industry. Vendors that prioritize justice, ethics, equality, sustainability, and giving back.

My hope is that Plan with Purpose introduces you to some eye- and mind-opening organizations and initiatives; and helps you share the love at events large and small.

May your future gatherings be filled with great people and great purpose.